Welcome to Hotel Mölndals Bro!

We do everything to make your stay in Gothenburg will be unforgettable!

A 4-star, top-modern hotel that is perfect for you to have a weekend in Gothenburg!

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Hotel Mölndals Bro is located only 10 minutes from Gothenburg. A top modern hotel with 4-star standard and comfort. The hotel has 44 bright and beautiful decorated rooms. With only 200 meters to trams, commuter trains or buses, you can quickly and easily take you into the city center!

Stay Safe

Maintain good hand hygiene with frequent handwashing and use of hand sanitizer.

Regularly clean communal areas and surfaces that are touched frequently.

Keep at least 1 metre away from others.

Hotel staff who are in contact with guests wear face masks.

Tell you about infection prevention measures, both verbally and through posters and notices.

Stay at home if we feel unwell.

 Hotel rooms are cleaned thoroughly between guest arrivals. The chemicals used are effective for disinfection, whilst also being easy on humans and the environment.

The housekeeping staff pay extra attention to wiping the following: door handles, sinks, remote controls, hairdryers and surfaces that are touched a lot, as well as light switches and other electrical appliances.

Glasses and towels are replaced between guest arrivals, regardless of whether they were used or not.

The housekeeping staff use one set of disposable gloves and one set of cleaning cloths per room.

In the event or high probability of a guest with Covid-19 having stayed in a hotel room, the room, and other areas visited by that guest, will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. All textiles, bedding and pillows will be washed.

Conference in Mölndal!

Hotel Mölndals Bro provides conference for all types of businesses, large and small. We organize conferences at the hotel in five different rooms. Hotel Mölndals Bro organize your conference or meetings in a personal, caring and cost-effective way.